Accessories make the best gifts

At Rough & Rigid we have lots of accessories for your fire pit loving friends and family. Let's begin with the snuffer lid. We make snuffer lids to fit any size Rough & Rigid fire pit. Snuffer lids serve two purposes. The first is to snuff out your fire. When your pit is in the upright position and your fire is low simply place the snuffer lid on the pit to snuff out the fire this help to avoid people dumping drinks or water into the fire to extinguish. wet ash becomes acidic and is the worst thing for metal fire pits. Second the snuffer lid will keep the majority of the water out of your fire pit. Next up is one of our most popular accessories is the fire poker. They are made extra long to allow you to stoke the fire. Our Fire pokers are heavy duty just like our fire pits they are built to last, Grill Gates are perfect for grilling steaks and burgers or cooking in cast iron pans with your favorite seasoned wood. Last up are our wood holders. They are also made of carbon steel we have two sizes. The small one holds approximately 25-30 logs. Our large wood holder really is the boom it serves as not only a wood holder but also houses your snuffer lid when not in use. There is also a place to store your fire pokers as well. When looking for a perfect gift for a fire pit lover take their fire pit experience to the next level with some Rough & Rigid accessories.

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