Cooking over an open Fire

Have you ever tried cooking over an open fire? Weather Its Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, steaks, chili Breakfast or s'mores. Cooking over a fire pit can be a fun, interactive, yummy experience for all of your friends and family to enjoy. You can simply place a Rough & Rigid Grill grate over your Rough & Rigid fire pit and place your food directly on the grill grate or you can use cast iron pots and pans. Try adding your favorite flavored wood  to the fire pit right before cooking. You will be serving up some of the juiciest mouth watering meats, but don"t stop there throw some potatoes in a cast iron skillet cooked to perfection. In the fall soups and chili are rich, hearty and packed full of flavor to warm your insides while allowing the fire pit to warm the outside, Follow Rough & Rigid on facebook for some yummy campfire cooking recipes,


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