Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

Could you please bring me a fire pit for Christmas. A big fire pit. One large enough for all my family and friends to sit and enjoy on cool nights, making memories together. Build me a fire pit to last if you can!!! It would be great If I could pass this fire pit along to my kids so they can gather with their families while also remembering the memories we made by the fire not so long ago, In the world we are living in Santa I cannot think of a better gift to give my family. The gift of warmth, in the comforts of home with the people we love. 

Merry Christmas, From every household in America

To every household in America,

Merry Christmas!! The elves at Rough & Rigid work hard everyday to bring this experience into homes just like yours. I am sure they will be happy to help you bring your families back together and create memories to last a lifetime!! 

Love, Santa


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