I love Fall

Fall is proof that change is a good thing!! The leaves are turning all the beautiful colors reds, greens, yellows and browns. During the day the temperatures are mild and the evening are perfect for a night around the fire pit with friends and family. The sounds of crackling wood and the smell of a campfire are here. It's the perfect time to buy the perfect fire pit. A fire pit that will last a lifetime and what a perfect thing to pass down to your children so they can reminisce on the nights they spent by the fire with you. There is no more precious time spent with family then gathered around the fire telling stories, sorting through life's problems, celebrating special events. These are the nights that we wont forget. My girls are grown and have left home but they love coming home for family fire pit nights. Roasting marshmallows, telling stories. and laughing at their dads endless jokes. as their mom i love seeing the light from the fire flicker and light up the smiles on their faces. Change is good and life is beautiful!

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