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Tell me the story about Patrick Mahomes

I was sitting at work and received a text message that asked us to make a fire pit for Patrick Mahomes. My first thought is this has to be a joke right who sends a random text to someones asking them to make a fire pit for Patrick Mahomes. I googled the gentleman that sent me the message and learned he did have ties with the NFL. Brad started making the pit while I called everywhere in Kansas City trying to find a bulldozer gear for the base. Once the pit was complete we met two men with a truck and they said they would be delivering it to Patrick sometime today and we will send you a picture. Brad and I were flying out of town that day. To be honest Brad was never really convinced this fire pit was for Patrick Mahomes, until our flight landed and my phone dinged with a text message and a picture of Patrick Mahomes and our fire pit. That picture holds so much meaning for us. First of all what an honor to build a fire pit for him. I'm not sure if he knows what a simple picture did for this small business who at the time was building fire pits in our garage. It really was a dream come true!!!

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