We are looking forward to upcoming home xhows

Its that time of year again!! The Home Shows are just around the corner and we are busy getting things ready. These Home Shows are the perfect place to get out and see all of our fire pits and accessories on display. We will have all styles and sizes of fire pits available for your viewing pleasure, Fire pokers and skewers will be cash and carry the weekend of the show. This gives us an opportunity to meet and get to know all of you, So if you are planning on remodeling. building a home or creating a backyard retreat this is the place to be. Like us most companies will be offering Home Show only discounts that are only available the weekend of the show This is also a good way to save some money as well. In the world we live in today our homes have become so sacred to us. We spend more time there than ever before. Why not make it great and provide a relaxing comfortable environment for your entire family to enjoy for years to come. Come see us! We look forward to meeting you. I have posted our upcoming shows below.

KC Remodel & Garden Show; Feb 4th-Feb 6th

Mid America RV & Camping Shows: March 10th-March 13th


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