Creating a backyard Oasis during the pandemic

 Over the last two years with all the lock downs and travel restrictions people started taking their yearly vacation funds and began creating beautiful backyard oasis. Almost like a resort in their backyards that can be enjoyed all year long. Pools and hot tubs were installed new fencing, beautiful landscaping, outdoor kitchens, big screen TVs and we provided warmth with our Fire pits. Americans began to create a space that even during a pandemic they were able enjoy with family and friends and Brad and I were so happy to be a part of that. After all the reason Brad and I started Rough & Rigid is because our favorite memories with our girls when they were little was camping and enjoying a fire at night nestled up to enjoy a good movie. Fast forward 23 years and as adults we enjoy the same experience the only thing that has changed is our circle is bigger now and so is our fire pit. It has been so fun to see all the creative ideas our customers have come up with. I personally loved seeing the tropical look brought to the mid west by adding huge steel palm trees. It is amazing to me how resourceful and creative  Americans can be when faced with hardships.

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